Why is The Zinc-Tech™ Product Stronger?

Posted by Superior Technologies on Nov 11, 2021 12:05:19 PM

Our process design of Zinc-Tech™ ILG rapidly heats and cools the tube during application of zinc. A distinct benefit of this process is both higher yield and tensile strength. The following graphic will illustrate a comparison of products manufactured utilizing the Zinc-Tech™ process as compared to products manufactured by the hot dip method. 

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Comparison of Yield & Tensile Strength of Zinc-Tech™ vs. Hot Dip Products

The above demonstrates the superior strength of products manufactured utilizing our inline galvanizing process. The results are based upon using low carbon steel. If higher strength raw materials are used similar proportional increases can be expected. 

So how does this benefit your customers? Simply stated, when compared to alternative products, the products manufactured by the Zinc-Tech™ process will be stronger and more durable. This is particularly important when supplying markets where strength is important such as greenhouse, scaffolding, fence tubing and other structural applications. 

Here is additional food for thought. As inline products are stronger you can offer your market's lighter wall product for an even greater savings. The graphic below shows the weight savings by diameter and gauge. Even though both products have the same strength, Zinc-Tech™ products can do so while saving up to 37% less material. 

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Comparison of Unit Weight at Equal Strength of Zinc-Tech™ vs. Hot Dip Products


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