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Previously our blogs had introduced, What is Zinc-Tech™ ILG (In-line galvanizing)? And How it Works, with an intention to help our readers understand the ILG process and how they can benefit from it.  Today with this blog post we intend to explain how Zinc-Tech™ ILG can boost your production volume As you are aware, the conventional hot dip galvanizing process involves a method of processing tubulars piece by piece, because of its design the process has certain limitations. Let us understand the hot dip process. 
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The Zinc-Tech™ ILG (In-line galvanizing) process is the most technologically advanced and is deemed to be revolutionary for the hot-dip galvanizing industry. Zinc-Tech™ ILG has various unique features which  sets it at the apex of galvanizing technology. Superior Technologies Inc. has been working towards continuously evolving the process with innovation to help the users reach tremendous benefits. Let us have a look at what makes our ILG technology stand out from existing solutions:
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What is ILG technology and how does it work?

Earlier we briefly introduced the In-Line Galvanizing (ILG) process and its design that allows it to be integrated to existing tube manufacturing lines. This time, we want to answer questions about the process technology, specifically what ILG is and its basic fundamentals. Let us begin by introducing the different components that make up our Zinc-Tech™ process.
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Benefits of using Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Coils

Transformation is the basic necessity of today's era, with constant increase in competitiveness there is an enormous amount of product and services prevailing in the market.  Most companies believe in economies of scale for standard products while others always challenge themselves to think differently and become innovators by successfully delivering a superior / niche product in a different market. Manufacturer’s with such dynamic vision have one thing in common: raw material HRPO.
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How zinc coating and the galvanizing process protects iron from rust

Corrosion rate of zinc and steel Galvanizing is understood as the process of applying a zinc coating to another metal object. Many steel products like tubular and square shapes or sheets used in various fields have been galvanized in order to make the product more resistant against corrosion or rust, which extends their usable lifetime. The galvanizing process is usually performed on the base material steel, as steel has low properties for rust protection and becomes brittle and weak over time.
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What Is In-Line Galvanizing (ILG)?

The In-line galvanizing (ILG) process, also known as Zinc-Tech™ process, combines innovation that helps reduce costs while enhancing end-use utility and performance with the most eco-friendly features available. It caters to all industries such as users of Hot-dip galvanizing processes by substantially reducing the process time and process cost and making it the safest process available in the industry today. ILG has been very popular among the manufacturers for more than 40 years and it has evolved to be more efficient than ever before.
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