Fully galvanized exterior

360 Degrees of Protection

Zinc-Tech™ provides full protection over the circumference of the tube exterior, including the weld seam. Say goodbye to weld line rust and failure.

360 Degree of Protection

Brilliant, smooth finish

Superior Surface Appearance

Unlike hot-dip products, the Zinc-Tech™ unique method of zinc application results in a high-luster, attractive finish.

Superior Surface Appearance

Thick, free zinc layer

Get Top Corrosion Performance

Our substantial eta, the 100 percent pure zinc layer provides your customers with the best anti-corrosion performance.
Get top corrosion performance

Increased mechanical strength

Give Customers More Strength and Variety

Our unique Zinc-Tech™ process increases both tensile and yield characteristics to give your customers a stronger product.

Product Strength Comparison

Key Benefits

Lowest cost of conversion
Significantly reduces raw material, labor, and energy to provide the lowest cost of conversion compared to alternative production methods.
Unmatched production versatility.
Unmatched production versatility. Produce virtually any length product at line speed. No kettle length limitation.
Improve factory floor utilization
Improve factory floor utilization by directly integrating the galvanizing in line with the tube mill. A typical installation will add just 30-40 meters to your existing tube line.
Continuous and uninterrupted operation
One continuous, uninterrupted operation eliminates costs, such as work-in-process inventory and material handling damages associated with offline galvanizing processes.
Environmentally Friendly
Exceed compliance with an environmentally friendly method designed to minimize the volume and consumption of process chemicals and by-products.
 Smart Factory Solutions
Constantly produce the highest quality galvanized products using integrated process automation and Smart Factory Solutions.