Fully galvanized exterior

360 Degrees of Protection

Zinc-Tech™ galvanizing provides full protection over the circumference of the tube exterior, including the weld seam through our unmatched galvanizing process using zinc coating. Say goodbye to weld line rust and failure of your galvanized steel product which affects your brand name, quality and reputation.

Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing is designed and engineered to perfection and helps you control the zinc coating on your products like pipes, tubes, scaffoldings, electrical conduits, fence tube, agricultural product tubes and greenhouse structure tubes with excellent corrosion protection. With the Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing process you are able to control zinc coating weight by 45 g/m2 to over 250 g/m2 on the base metal without affecting the quality and performance of the end product and support superior corrosion protection which would be difficult to attain with hot dip galvanizing.

Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing facilitates uniform coating over the entire surface of the product with zinc coating after surface preparation. No matter the product length, as long as it can be manufactured on the line, Zinc-Tech™ galvanizing can perform the galvanizing process with ease and perfection on the base metal. Galvanized steel products are often looked upon to share maximum corrosion protection, and the same being administered with continuous galvanizing method saves time and provides superior quality products.

360 Degree of Protection

Brilliant, smooth finish

Superior Surface Appearance

Unlike hot dip galvanizing products , the Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing has unique method of zinc application which results in a high-luster, attractive finish. The conventional hot dip galvanizing involves a method of processing tubulars piece by piece or batch by batch, because of its design the process has certain limitations. Under hot dip galvanizing the products have to first be manufactured over the line and then handled or stored before presenting to the galvanizing operation. Products are then passed through the pickling, rinsing, drying and flux tanks prior to being immersed into the zinc bath kettle. Post immersion the product is quenched and typically passivated and then finally bundled. The entire process is lengthy, time consuming and requires significant factory area and manpower. Unlike this the Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing is technologically advanced and integrates all of the above processes directly into the tube making line, using a continuous galvanizing method, it will galvanize tubulars of any length on the line without interruption, or additional work in process inventory or any further associated costs. No risk of interim handling or loss due to material handling or damage to your galvanized steel products.

Your product will have a brilliant superior finish and benefits, like controlling the zinc coating thickness on the fly and the entire continuous galvanizing can be operated, monitored and supervised with 2 - 3 persons.

Superior Surface Appearance

Thick, free zinc layer

Get Top Corrosion Performance

Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing applies a fully fused zinc coating to the exterior surface of base metal after the process of seam welding. This is beneficial in that the total circumference of the tube is coated with zinc including the section of weld seam which could be compromised if the process of galvanizing  would have been performed at pre welding stage.  Zinc-Tech™ galvanizing provides an equal amount of protection over the entire surface of the tube including the weld seam. Unlike products manufactured using pre-galvanized strip materials with a metallized seam, the weld seam has the same level of protection as the body of the tube or pipe. It is widely accepted that metallization of the weld seam will fail far more rapidly than the pre - galvanized strip material due to being affected with the welding process.

The Zinc-Tech™ galvanizing applies the highest percentage of "Free Zinc" weight as a percentage of overall coating weight. Fundamentally stated, other galvanizing processes like hot dip galvanizing have higher percentage of zinc - iron alloy layers. Our process by nature of its design applies a very thick layer of ductile pure zinc coating absent of iron. Up to three times greater than that of alternative galvanizing process. The result is a galvanized steel  coating that due to its composition will resist corrosion at a much higher rate.

Viewing the corresponding micrograph you will note the compressed zinc-iron alloy layers. Only the base layer which promotes adhesion is well defined. The total % of "free zinc" is approximately 80% of the total coating thickness.

The respective micrographs demonstrates the significantly greater concentration of free or pure zinc that is characteristic of Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing. This is the fundamental reason for the exceptional corrosion performance exhibited by the products manufactured utilizing our technology.

Get top corrosion performance

Increased mechanical strength

Give Customers More Strength and Variety

Our Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing rapidly heats and cools the tube during application of zinc. A distinct benefit of this process is both higher yield and tensile strength. The respective graphic will illustrate a comparison of products manufactured utilizing the Zinc-Tech™ galvanizing as compared to products manufactured by the hot dip galvanizing method. The graph demonstrates the superior strength of products manufactured utilizing our in-line galvanizing process. The results are based upon using low carbon steel. If higher strength raw materials are used similar proportional increases can be expected after galvanized coating.

So how does this benefit your customers? Simply stated, when compared to alternative products manufactured through hot dip galvanizing methods, the products manufactured by the Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing process will be stronger and more durable. This is particularly important when supplying markets where strength is important such as greenhouse, scaffolding, fence tubing and other structural applications. As in-line galvanized steel products are stronger you may consider and can offer your market's lighter wall product for an even greater savings.

Product Strength Comparison


Key Benefits

Lowest cost of conversion
Significantly reduces raw material, labor, and energy to provide the lowest cost of conversion compared to alternative production methods.
Unmatched production versatility.
Unmatched production versatility. Produce virtually any length product at line speed. No kettle length limitation.
Improve factory floor utilization
Improve factory floor utilization by directly integrating the galvanizing in line with the tube mill. A typical installation will add just 30-40 meters to your existing tube line.
Continuous and uninterrupted operation
One continuous, uninterrupted operation eliminates costs, such as work-in-process inventory and material handling damages associated with offline galvanizing processes.
Environmentally Friendly
Exceed compliance with an environmentally friendly method designed to minimize the volume and consumption of process chemicals and by-products.
 Smart Factory Solutions
Constantly produce the highest quality galvanized products using integrated process automation and Smart Factory Solutions.