The Zinc-Tech™ in-line galvanizing process can apply a brilliant zinc surface to virtually any tubular product or shape. If your tube mill can produce it, we can galvanize it.

Farming and Agriculture

Fence Tubing

Greenhouse Structures

Conveyer Rolls

Hand and Safety Railings, and Barricades

Recreational and Outdoor Furniture


Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Real-time control over a range of coating thicknesses and weights

In-line galvanizing puts you in control of product coating thickness or weight, with just an easy adjustment. No need to shut down your process — just make a small change on the fly.

Limitless coating thickness and weight options

Raising the bar on product quality

Unlike hot dip products with a dull gray finish, Zinc-Tech™ produces a high-luster external finish, while the interior is protected by a molten zinc or smooth organic coating.

Raising the bar on product quality

Lower costs and increased savings

The value of the Zinc-Tech™ process is great for your bottom line. You will save time, labor, and other expenses, by eliminating inefficient secondary processes, thereby reducing your production costs by an average of 50 percent per ton.

Lower costs and increased savings