Top corrosion protection

Enhanced Performance

Our OD coating systems are designed to maximize the protective properties of our preferred vendors' coatings. The result is increased performance.

Corrosion Performance Summary

Clear or color choices

Lock in Brilliance

Our OD coating systems preserve your product's appearance through transport and inventory, arriving to your customer looking as if it just came off your production line.

OD coating systems

Tour some of the OD Coating process

OD Coating systems
Our OD coating systems are located directly after the calibration mill and prior to tube cut-off, and includes both an application and curing unit.
increased corrosion protection
Our OD coating system produces a product with increased corrosion protection and a more attractive surface finish than other coating systems.
environmentally friendly
Our innovative OD coating technology is environmentally friendly and locks in brilliance, ensuring a shiny, just-manufactured finish.
wide selection of colors and tints
Choose from a wide selection of colors and tints that can be applied to the surface of your tubular products for new market opportunities and online value added.