Posted by Superior Technologies on Aug 12, 2021 9:10:01 AM

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Zinc-Tech™ ILG, In-line galvanizing process is very popular amongst its users due to its vibrant features. 

Zinc-Tech™ ILG  is capable of producing different types of products which adhere to different shapes, sizes, lengths and market segments. 

Zinc-Tech™ ILG is extensively used to produce tubulars in any size or lengths without having the stress to maintain huge zinc kettles, it also produces electrical conduits with the premium top notch quality which adds to its prime features, usability and increased life. It is also used in manufacturing structures or units used in the farming/agricultural industry as our triple coated non-porous exteriors prevent bacteria from penetrating the surface of the products.

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Zinc-Tech™ ILG  is used in the fencing industry, our superior zinc coating composition, surface treatment, and available top coats provide the ultimate protection against white rust to provide the manufacturers with improved quality and efficiency of the products.

Zinc-Tech™ ILG is used in greenhouse structures as it facilitates the usage of lighter wall material, ultimately resulting in cost savings for your customers/ product end users. 

One of the most important versatility of Zinc-Tech™ ILG is that it helps the manufacturer to control the thickness of zinc coating on the products with precision, this feature helps the manufacturer to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors and meet specific tailor made demands from their customers, and  get access to many new market segments simply by producing different set of products on the same setup without worrying about space or additional overheads.  

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