The Zinc-Tech™ Advantage : Scaffoldings

Posted by Superior Technologies on Jan 21, 2022 2:58:01 PM


Easier to install and stronger than its counterparts, scaffolding manufactured by the inline galvanizing process has become the material of choice. Consider its improved resistance to impact, abrasion, corrosion and it is easy to see why the market has fully embraced these superior products over products manufactured through hot dip galvanizing process.

Fact: A Stronger Tube or a Lighter Installation

The Zinc-Tech™ process products have both higher yield and tensile strength properties. This enables the use of standard wall materials for an even stronger platform or lighter wall raw materials while still maintaining equal overall product strength.

Benefit: Its you and your customers choice. Do you need an equal strength yet more impact resistant product? Choose a lighter gauge material. Does the project require the ultimate in product strength? Simply use an equal gauge material for yet an even stronger project. Either way you make the choice.

Fact: Lighter Product Weight Makes for Easier Installation

Light-wall Zinc-Tech™ products are significantly lighter than alternative products manufactured through hot dip galvanizing process.

Benefit: Lighter wall products, while equal in strength to alternative products are easier and safer to handle during installation. Yet another benefit associated with easy transportation of tube, pipe, scaffoldings for ease of operation and convenience. 

Fact: A Durable Galvanized Exterior Surface

Zinc-Tech™ scaffold products have an extremely durable exterior surface with controlled zinc thickness and coating that will stand up to the severe environment associated with construction jobs.

Benefit: The extremely durable exterior surface will withstand the rugged construction environment and provide corrosion protection. Resistance to abrasion, impact and most construction materials ensure you of a surface that will stand the test of time. Unlike painted scaffoldings, your product will not rust when scratched due to zincs sacrificial protection.

Fact: Exceptional Zinc Adhesion and Ductility

Zinc-Tech™ products exhibit exceptional zinc adhesion and ductility properties.

Benefit: Hole punching, flattening, bending or virtually any other post processing operations can be accomplished without the fear of delamination of the zinc coating.

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Zinc-Tech Inline Galvanizing Process