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We would like to start by expressing our gratitude towards our readers for sharing their overwhelming response to our recent blogs. 

Previously we had covered a topic How Zinc-Tech™ ILG Can Boost Your Production Volume?today with this blog post we would like to share the versatility of Zinc-Tech™ In-line galvanizing process. 

Zinc-Tech™ ILG is the most up to date and technologically advanced process which has been continuously refined to perfection. The versatility of this process is so beneficial it should be of interest to anyone who would wish to improve their operations. Let’s move ahead and discuss a few benefits of its versatility.

Versatile by its nature and process

Zinc-Tech™ ILG has a tremendous reputation for galvanizing tubulars of virtually any shape or size. Unlike hot dip process, Zinc-Tech™ ILG process will galvanize products on the line between the forming and the cut off section. This works as a major advantage and allows galvanizing any length on-line and ready to ship without additional operations eliminating work in process inventory or the huge risk of product damage during of-line processing. 

Zinc-Tech™ ILG is highly versatile in providing limitless thickness of the zinc coat, it can be easily monitored and tailored with precision on demand of the product end users. This provides a huge advantage for the manufacturer by giving them a competitive edge in that it matches the zinc consumption the customers actual needs  ultimately reducing the cost of production.

Zinc-Tech™ ILG has the ability  to produce at line speeds of up to 250 M/minute, without intervals or stopping the process. It is an environmentally friendly process and can be commissioned in almost all locations ready to provide fastest payback, superior quality and prime finish products with great strength.  

If you wish to know your savings with Zinc-Tech™ ILG process, or wish to open a conversation with our team of experts regarding your existing process, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to be of service. 

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