The Zinc-Tech™ Advantage : Electrical CONDUIT

Posted by Superior Technologies on Dec 22, 2021 3:07:22 PM

Electrical Conduit

Electrical conduit products are extensively produced utilizing the inline galvanizing process. No alternative process like hot dip galvanizing or usage of pre-galvanizing strips can match the quality or production efficiencies of the Zinc-Tech™ inline galvanizing process for the production of electrical conduits. This is the reason that every major producer of these products utilize inline production technology.

Fact: The Highest Quality Interior Surface

The Zinc-Tech™ process manufactures the smoothest interior surface available compared to products manufactured through hot dip galvanizing process.

Benefit: Conduits are installed as electrical raceways. The ability to pull wiring without damaging the insulation is of primary importance. The smooth surface and specially formulated low friction internal coatings with right thickness, make pulling of wire much easier and free from sharps that can be costly to both you and your customers.

Fact: Unequaled Production Efficiency

Inline galvanizing technology has no competitive alternative in terms of production efficiency and yield. Be it mill speed or tons per hour, nothing beats Zinc-Tech™ unmatched conduit producing efficiency.

Benefit: Galvanizing is done directly inline with the tube mill unlike hot dip galvanizing process which requires a separate galvanizing station. We provide design capacities to provide that of your new or existing tube mill. Our process can produce at over 800 ft/minute (245 M/minute) and tonnage exceeding 50 tons/hour. Remember, no secondary or offline processes.

Fact: Exceptional Zinc Adhesion and Ductility

Zinc-Tech™ products posses exceptional zinc adhesion and ductility properties. Both of these are essential characteristics of electrical conduit products.

Benefit: Our process produces a product with a very unique zinc coating structure. The result is a galvanized tube that will bend easily without flaking or peeling. While the tube is strong enough to resist impacts it is still easily formed on the jobsite utilizing either manual or powered benders.

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Zinc-Tech Inline Galvanizing Process