The Zinc-Tech™ Advantage : Farming & Agriculture

Posted by Superior Technologies on Jan 27, 2022 10:05:33 PM

Farming and Agriculture

There are common threads that join all galvanized steel products manufactured by the Zinc-Tech™ process. Superior corrosion protection, exceptional product strength and ease of fabrication are three characteristics that make inline galvanized products perfect for use in the Farming & Agricultural industry.

Fact: A Triple Protected Non - Porous Exterior

The exterior surface uses three barriers of protection against corrosion. Unlike wood materials, our products are easily cleaned and disinfected.

Benefit: The triple coated non porous exterior will significantly extend the products useful life while locking in the brilliant surface finish. More importantly, this non porous surface is both easy to clean and will not absorb or breed bacteria like porous wood surfaces. This is critically important in ensuring safe meat, poultry and crops to the food supply chain.

Fact: Only Trace Lead

Inline galvanizing technology has no competitive alternative in terms of production efficiency and yield. Be it mill speed or tons per hour, nothing beats Zinc-Tech™ galvanized steel.

Benefit: Galvanizing is done directly inline with the tube mill. We provide design capacities to provide that of your new or existing tube mill. Our process can produce at over 800 ft/minute (245 M/minute) and tonnage exceeding 50 tons/hour. Remember, no secondary or offline processes like hot dip galvanizing can match this. 

Fact: Exceptional Zinc Adhesion and Ductility

Zinc-Tech™ products posses exceptional zinc adhesion and ductility properties. Both of these are essential characteristics.

Benefit: Our galvanizing process produces a product with a very unique zinc coating structure with controlled zinc thickness.. The result is a galvanized tube that will bend easily without flaking or peeling. While the tube is strong enough to resist impacts it is still easily formed on the jobsite utilizing either manual or powered benders.

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Zinc-Tech Inline Galvanizing Process