Benefits of using Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Coils - (HRPO)

Posted by Superior Technologies on Jun 23, 2021 1:11:21 PM

hot-rolled-pickled-oiled-500x500Transformation is the basic necessity of today's era, with constant increase in competitiveness there is an enormous amount of product and services prevailing in the market.  Most companies believe in economies of scale for standard products while others always challenge themselves to think differently and become innovators by successfully delivering a superior / niche product in a different market. Manufacturer’s with such dynamic vision have one thing in common: raw material HRPO.

HRPO-Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Coil is an input raw material which helps the manufacturer to consider it as a good option over Hot Rolled Coils and Cold Rolled Coils. HRPO has great potential to be used for manufacturing of galvanized steel pipes due to its salient features.

If we want to understand what exactly caused the manufacturers to shift from CRC to HRC and eventually HRPO, then we will have to understand how it started. Initially when Cold Rolled Coils were used for manufacturing pipes, CRC was the only material available below 2mm thickness, and HRC was only available above 2mm thickness hence manufacturers had no option other than using CRC for pipe manufacturing. Later after several years of developments HRC was now available in thickness 1.2mm to 2mm, hence in order to inculcate huge savings like USD $50 - $55 per metric ton, manufacturers shifted from CRC to HRC. With constant developments and advancements there was a new improvised product in the market know as HRPO, it was the same HRC with further treatment of Pickling and Oiling to provide additional benefits and quickly caught the attention of approximately 70% of the manufacturers, as it was easily adaptable and mostly suited for various applications.

HRPO had better surface quality as compared to HRC as during the manufacturing process the surface scales of Iron Oxides are removed in order to match the product finish. HRPO material is also known for better weldability, which avoids weld failures over the line and majorly saves rework cost and scrap . HRPO also reduces the possibility of unevenness due to its own manufacturing process and superior quality. As such it suits best for most purposes by providing extra strength and the material also reacts positively with galvanizing. The zinc coating provides excellent surface finish and enhances the appearance of the final product, resulting in increased shelf life and improved corrosion resistance properties.

The cost difference between HRPO and HRC is considerable around USD $15 - $20 per metric ton but is outweighed by the quality and added value to the end product and helps in lowering the  cost due to less complex manufacturing requirements and ease of operations. 

A better-quality product provides better opportunities to market and helps the manufacturer to be the chooser while entering new product segments and industries. With this mindset, utilizing HRPO as their new input raw material should provide less headaches, more customer satisfaction and a more competitive edge to your company.

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