Gather and integrate important data

Easily Connect to Existing Information

Our solution interfaces with data gathered from your production line, and then stores the data either locally or remotely.

Solution interfaces

Customized Dashboards

Improve Processes and Data Reporting

Customize data display and condition monitoring by what is most important to your display location, be it office or factory floor, you can easily view equipment status, settings, or live video.

Improve processes and data reporting

Identify key issues immediately

Get Out-of-Specification Alerts

Customers can pre-set custom tolerances or let the platform automatically calculate typical settings to generate alerts. System alerts warn operators, engineers, and managers using local or remote devices.

Get out-of-specification alerts

Product installation

Onboarding, Training, and Remote Technical Support

We make sure you have everything you need for product installation and beyond with our remote technical support. Fully remote connectivity allows us to correct any issues quickly or add features and updates.

Onboarding, training and remote technical support

Key Benefits

Live, remote customer support
Beyond the installation process, onboarding, and training, you’ll get live, remote customer support.
Examine and connect
When installing your custom system, we examine available data sources and connect the sources to a repository.
Live metrics
Our system gathers data from sensor, enterprise IT, and camera sources, and then identifies trends through live metrics.
Real-time alerts of any production issues or anomalies
Even with limited data, our system can train accurate algorithms to provide real-time alerts of any production issues or anomalies.
Secure cloud environment
Store data in a secure cloud environment or use EDGE-connectivity for all of your data storage and analysis.